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The French Society of Phlebology (SFP) is pleased to announce its accreditation by the UEMS (European Union of Specialists Physicians) as the National Reference Training Centre of Phlebology (NRTCP).

It thus becomes for Europe, the French reference centre for phlebology training and is officially authorised to set up training modules with European certificates of competence, the final examinations being organised by the European Board of Phlebology.

These training courses should be extended to all of Europe, one of the objectives of the UEMS being to promote phlebology, to standardize and improve practices and the management of venous pathologies in all European countries.

Certificates of competence are not specialty diplomas and national ordinal rules must be respected for the practice of the discipline in each country.

SFP through its NRTCP and in collaboration with European Rotating Training Centres (ERTCP), themselves accredited by the UEMS, is now implementing two advanced training modules called CDPP (Competency Degree of Phlebology Procedure)

Echosclerotherapy with foam (ESM)
Endoveinous Thermal (TET) and non-thermal treatment without tumescence

These modules are open to French and foreign doctors and surgeons under certain conditions.

For more information and to register, please refer to the attached documents, in which you will also find the list of internship centres for the two open PLR centres and the list of all currently accredited phlebology centres in Europe.

The CDPP module “deep endovenous procedures”, for which SFP is also accredited, will soon be implemented, with its specific requirements.

We hope that these initiatives will help you to have easier access to quality structures and training for a particularly necessary improvement in our constantly evolving discipline;

Phlebologically yours,

Claudine Hamel- Desnos, Head of NRTCP Saint Martin Private Hospital/SFP

Jean-Jérôme Guex, Programme Director

Matthieu Josnin, Educational Supervisor

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