UEMS and the French Society of Phlebology

What is the UEMS?

The French Society of Phlebology (SFP) is pleased to announce its accreditation by the UEMS (European Union of Specialists Physicians) as the National Reference Training Centre of Phlebology (NRTCP).

It thus becomes for Europe, the French reference centre for phlebology training and is officially authorised to set up training modules with European certificates of competence, the final examinations being organised by the European Board of Phlebology.

These training courses should be extended to all of Europe, one of the objectives of the UEMS being to promote phlebology, to standardize and improve practices and the management of venous pathologies in all European countries.

Certificates of competence are not specialty diplomas and national ordinal rules must be respected for the practice of the discipline in each country.

13 April 2019