MJC and EBP Phlebology

The Multidisciplinary Joint Committee on Phlebology (MJCPh).

The European Board of Phlebology (EBPh).

These two organizations belong with the Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes (UEMS). They have the official role of representing Phlebology at the European Level.

Phlebology is not a specialty but has been considered with enough interest by other specialties to deserve the creation of a special section.

MJCPh and EBPh  main role is to ensure that physicians willing to focus on this field will receive proper education and training. This has been made possible by the determination of a syllabus of the corpus of required knowledge, and by the publication of the European Training Requirements that apply to both accredited training centers and to students/trainees. 

Annually, those students who will have followed successfully the cursus will be allowed to pass the exam of the board and will receive one or more of the competency degrees in Phlebology: 

–       Competency Degree in Phlebology (General cursus comprising basics)

–       Competency Degree in Phlebology procedures (for CDP diplomates or Vascular disciplines specialists willing more education).

European Competency Degree will have an official value but will only carry the privileges given by the Physicians’s own country regulations.  

Jean Jerome Guex, President, 

Fabrizio Mariani, General Secretary

Oscar Maleti, Vice-President

Claudine Hamel-Desnos, Treasurer of the EBPh



12 May 2019