Self-assessment grid. Practical course Module CDPP 1 – USGFS (Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy)

CDPP’s pedagogical team has set up a self-assessment grid for the CDPP1-ESM module’s practical course on the Uems-Phlebo site.

1- What is the purpose of this self-assessment grid?

This grid is a pedagogical tool to enable students to self-assess themselves during their practical placements and to enable them to target certain key points necessary for mastering this module CDPP 1.

It is not taken into account in the validation of the practical placement. As it is not exhaustive, it cannot replace all the theoretical knowledge that the student must acquire. This knowledge is defined in the e-learning courses on the UEMS website.

2- How do you validate your practical training courses?

As a reminder, in order to validate the practical part, the student must have attended a total of 50 echosclerotherapy procedures.

The student must send his/her internship booklet to the following address:

Without a return, the practical part will not be validated.


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11 January 2021