Training in thermal and non thermal ablation

Access to e-learning is via the “Student area” -> “Theoretical training” menu, which is only visible to registered members.

This CDPP (Competency Degree in Phlebology Procedure) in thermal endovenous treatment (TET – radiofrequency and laser) and non-thermal treatment without tumescence is an educational module officially accredited by the UEMS (European Union of Specialist Doctors).
It is organized by the NRTCP (National Reference Training Centre of Phlebology) Saint Martin Private Hospital/SFP, which is itself accredited by the UEMS. It is the national reference training centre for France in phlebology.
The practical internships will be carried out in medical centres accredited by the UEMS. These centres include the NRTCP medical centre, Saint Martin de Caen Private Hospital, and the associated ERTCP (European Rotating Centre of Phlebology) (see attached list of these ERTCPs).
Teaching is provided by the NRTCP and the ERTCP for 10 months, at the end of which an (optional) exam is organised by the UEMS and the European Board of Phlebology (EBP). This training does not require a continuous presence in the internship, but a number of procedures are required.
For the year 2019-2020, the number of registrations for this TFW CPDP is set at a total of 25 participants. Teaching will begin on September 14, 2019 at the SFP congress in Toulouse.
Access to the bibliographic database and e-learning etc. will only be available from this date, on a dedicated UEMS website, via the SFP website.
However, some practical training courses may start before then, for some of them as early as spring 2019. Upon validation of your application, you will be invited to contact the Program Director(s) of the centres you are interested in in order to build your internship schedule.

To benefit from this CDPP course, the candidate must be officially registered, and have paid the registration fees to the French Society of Phlebology (1080 € for this module). This registration includes FPS membership and coded access to a bibliographic database.
The candidate must take out professional civil insurance covering the practice of endovenous thermal treatments of varicose veins, if he is not already covered for this risk.
This CDPP is a module for further training and not an initial teaching module; diplomas and prerequisites are required from candidates, in particular on venous Doppler ultrasound and ultrasound-guided venipuncture and/or venous catheterization (see registration conditions).


  • Theoretical teaching includes different supports:
  • Bibliographical references (coded access to a database) and books;
  • Access to videos and courses by power-point presentations in pdf format on a dedicated platform on the SFP website;
  • Courses by e-learning, on a dedicated platform, on the SFP website (access with password; control planned);
  • Participation in congresses accredited by the NRTCP;
  • Face-to-face courses and workshops at SFP congresses.
    Validation of the theoretical part:
  1. The candidate must have viewed all the e-learning courses: validation by systematic electronic control.
  2. Participation in actions on congresses and other means of training is validated by point credits (see list of accredited congresses and corresponding points; accredited workshops will be marked as they are held).
    The minimum number of points to obtain validation is 50 points.
    Elements taken into account for the acquisition of points for the 2019-2020 academic year:
    o Validated attendance at the SFP National Congress from 5 to 7 December 2019 25 points (for the 3 days)
    o Attendance at the SFP Phlebopratic Congress on 7 and 8 June 2020 15 points
    o Assistance to “Toulouse is endovenous” on September 14, 2019 10 points (nb takes place every 2 years)
    o In addition, although the official start of teaching is in September 2019, the Phlebo-Practical Congress of Marseille 7 and 8 June 2019 will also be accredited with 15 points, valid for the year 2019-2020.
    o 5 point subscription to Phlebology Annals Vascular Annals
    o Attendance at other validated/arrowed congresses: 10 points each
    o Critical summaries of articles or book chapters proposed by the instructor
    5 points each.
  • Practical training is provided through practical training courses in centres throughout France and a few European countries (see list in the appendix).
    The candidate must contact the Programme Director of the desired centres directly. After each internship, the Centre’s Programme Director, or the Educational Supervisor, sends the SFP secretariat a certificate of internship specifying the number of procedures in which the candidate has attended and/or actively participated and a pedagogical comment. In this report, the teacher may suggest reducing or increasing the number of pupils.

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14 April 2019