The French Society of Phlebology is in Europe the French reference centre for phlebology training and is officially authorized to set up training modules with European competence degrees, the final examinations being organized by the European Board of Phlebology.

5 modules, covering the whole practice of Phlebology are proposed:
Thermal and non-thermal ablations
Surgery of superficial veins
Deep endovenous procedures
Deep vein surgery

The practical internships will be carried out in medical centres accredited by the UEMS. These centres include the NRTCP medical centre, Saint Martin de Caen Private Hospital, and the associated ERTCP (European Rotating Centre of Phlebology) (see attached list of these ERTCPs).

They are organized by the NRTCP (National Reference Training Centre of Phlebology) Saint Martin Private Hospital/SFP, which is itself accredited by the UEMS. It is the national reference training centre for France in phlebology.

Teaching is provided by the NRTCP and the ERTCP for 10 months, at the end of which an (optional) exam is organised by the UEMS and the European Board of Phlebology (EBP). This training does not require a continuous presence in the internship, but a number of procedures are required.

For the year 2019-2020, the two open modules are echosclerotherapy and thermal/non-thermal ablations. The number of registrations for this ESM PLRDC is set at 25 participants per module.

Teaching will begin on September 14, 2019 at the SFP congress in Toulouse.

13 April 2019